Hamburg Nightlife

Hamburg is the city which offers an amazing amount of bars, dance clubs & lap dance clubs. Guided night partying and secured entrance to the best places in the city with assistance of friendly local girl guides.

Hamburg All Nighter

You will never forget your stag experience in Germany
Local clubs have very unique atmosphere
After you finish your stag drinking lets enjoy hot dancers.
Hamburg clubs are always full of sexy girls!

Do you want to enjoy your night to the fullest? Then our VIP Nightlife Tour is tailored to your needs!

You will start your night with bar tour where all drinking begins. Your next steps will lead to sexy lap dance club in the center with all that pretty German girls! And if you will feel like you have enough energy left, you can spend it all in funky Hamburg night club. What's more - your names will appear on VIP guest list!


Bar Crawl & Strip Club

Kick off your stag evening with booze!
Enjoy hot ladies and their spicy performance!
Alcohol and beer is a must of every stag weekend
Sexy strippers are prepared for your stag weekend

All shots have already been drunk and now you want your entertainment to change course? What about spicing up the night!

Let our guide to show you the way to the hottest lap dancing club in Hamburg. Sexy girls are a must on any stag do, so why not experiencing them after having a few drinks. Change the bar and let a beer in your hand to be replaced by nice lady!


Pub Crawl & Club

Brighten up your stag do with sexy dancers
Experience partying in local Hamburg clubs
Booze up with your stag group!
Make your stag weekend an old night party!

Start your stag do with visiting Hamburg pubs and experience drinking in company of locals.

Our female guide takes you to the most visited bars where the party just begins. Your next steps will lead to a hot nightclub full of partying people!


Bar Crawl, Club & Shots

Enjoy vodka shots while walking from one bar to another
Hamburg is full of funky night clubs perfect for your stag weekend!
Stag group enjoying drinking before entering club
Party in one of the best Hamburg clubs

Now the fun won't take place only inside the bar!

Our female guide escorting you will make sure you won't miss extra vodka shots also during moving from one pub to another. And it is still not everything! Finish your stag do in hot Hamburg nightclub as a VIP guest and pleasure your eyes before leaving back to your hotel room.


Strip Club & Nightclub

Hot lady dancing
Party all night!
Hot German strippers brightening up your stag do with lap dancing
You will never get bored with Hamburg clubbing

Brighten up your stag do by combining both pleasure and fun.

Make yourself comfortable in lap dance club where attractive German girls will take care of you and your stag mates. Our local guide knows best where the night clubs worth of visiting are located and that's where she takes you afterwards. What's more - you don't have to worry about queuing, everything will be arranged for you!


Strip Club Tour

In Hamburg lap dance is performed only by the most hottest girls!
Girls showing you her sexy dancing body - only on your stag weekend!
Do you want to watch a sexy stripper dancing? And what about all three?
Stag drinking before well-deserved strip clubs

Start your night in German style - visiting local bars and pubs. Afterwards our guide will show you the hottest strip clubs in the city which you are welcome to visit! Being pleased by sexy strippers is an obligatory activity of every stag do, so why not to double it and enjoy more fun!


Strip Club Visit

Her specialization  is very sexy lap dancing!
Stay sitting comfortably and sexy girls will dance in front of you
Spicy performance of hot strippers can be missed on any great stag do!
All girls will be dancing just to make your stag weekend more tempting

Sexy ladies and hot dancing girls are a must and the best part of every stag do!

Visit Hamburg lap-dance club and be pleasantly surprised what are the girls willing to do to make the groom and his stag friends happy. No worries about having to choose a German dancer, many girls are from all around Europe so the choice is broad.


Night Club Entry

Want to feel important on your stag party? Get VIP entry to Berlin nightclubs
Stag weekend is asking for experiencing night life of Berlin
Our company will make sure you will get the best out of your stag weekend
Kick your stag weekend the right direction - in nightclubs of Berlin

Everybody has experienced staying in the line before entering club.

Cheer up - You don't have to deal with queuing anymore! We guarantee your names will be written on the VIP guest list ensuring you immediate access to fun and drinks!


Bar Crawl

Crazy alcohol tour on your stag weekend is a must!
Unlimited options of clubs and bars for stag party
Don't miss a single round
Do pub crawl during stag weekend and see some pretty girls dancing on the bar

Do you want to booze up in premium Hamburg bars but don't know where to find them?

Don't worry, our attractive female guide takes you round the local pubs! The only thing you have to think of is what will be your stag group drinking. Cheers!


Stag Dinner

She will take care of you while eating
Enjoy delicious steak and the tastiest dessert afterwards

Enjoy a delicious German steak in company of a sexy stripper!

Beer for everybody is the must of a traditional German dinner (we also offer steak dinner option)! But meal won't be your only enjoyment. We are sure there doesn't exist any better dessert than a hot naked girl dancing in front of your dining table.


German Meal & Beers

Don't miss traditional German meals during your stag weekend in Hamburg
German girls can't say no to boys and beer
German goody served in the local Hamburg restaurant
German beer is the necessary addition to your stag stay in Hamburg

Roasted pork, Schnitzel or baked sausages - taste anything your heart is set on! Make your stay in Hamburg authentically German by filling your day with traditional meals and beer. In case you change your taste there are prepared desserts and salads as well.

There is no need to be aware of your weight - dancing in the night club will solve it!


Bar Crawl & Beer

German pub
Stag group hanging out on pub crawl
Don't forget to taste all German beer
Trendy pub in city center

Let our beautiful guide to show you the hottest bars and pub in the city center. A welcome beer is included, but don't forget to taste other delicious German beer!


Bar Crawl & Strip Club & Nightclub

Visit the hottest night clubs in Hamburg
Start off your night with bar crawl
Dance the night away!
Enjoy the view on sexy strippers

This is the best combo for your stag do! It includes the essential musts of every bachelor party!

Start off your night in a trendy local bar. Grab some German beer and knock back a couple of shots.

When you start feeling heat, it is time to make it hotter! A comfy couch in top-class strip club is prepared for your stag group and stunning dancers are eager to show you their curves. They will swing their sexy hips around the pole so seductively that you wont ever doubt where the hottest girls are.


Beach Bar Tour

Beach bar hopping in Hamburg
Drinking at the beach
Enjoy strong German beer
Drink together with hot bikini girls

Change an ordinary bar crawl for awesome partying on the beach!

Visit the hottest bars and pubs near the sea and drink and dance with sexy bikini girls!


Sightbeering Tour & Beers

Stag buddies enjoying their astonishing party!
Sightbeering in Hamburg
Grab a beer in best Hamburg's pubs
Beautiful guide shows you the hot spots of the city

Combine culture with beer and you get the best activity for your first day in Hamburg!

Try out our Sightbeering tour and together with our guide visit the most important monuments of Hamburg and stop by to grab a strong German beer!


Reeperbahn Tour & Beers

Go wild at famous Hamburg's Reeperbahn
The hottest lap dancers are located on Reeperbahn!
Reeperbahn is a crowded street full of party-lovers
Enjoy your stag weekend in Hamburg to the fullest!

Explore the hottest spot in Hamburg - famous Reeperbahn! Walk the street full of trendiest and most popular bars and pubs in the city! Reeperbahn is a home to the smashing night clubs and exclusive strip clubs!

Let our guide to show you the best of the best! Visit 3 bars, grab a beer and let the atmosphere sweep you along!


Cocktail Masterclass

Make your own cocktails
Mix your alcoholic drinks
Visit trendy cocktail bar
Become master in cocktails
Become a cocktail master and learn how to prepare your own colourful alcoholic drinks. Visit a trendy bar in the center where certified bartender reveals you the secret of popular long drinks.
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Great communication from Paul before the trip and fairly priced compared to other stag companies I got quotes from. The bar crawl host on the first night was polite and engaged well with our group. We told her we’d like to watch the boxing so she made...
Very good experience, thanks in large part to guide Paulina, very friendly, thank you. Craig, April 2017
Hello, I wanted to share with you our appreciation for our weekend organised by you in Hamburg. The hotel was great! The restaurant was cozy, the stripper very professional. People in all clubs were friendly but bartenders were sometimes rude. Thank you...
Very good organisation, despite of our late partners we were greeted with a smile. Very good weekend, we'll remember a long time. Chester, January 2017
We're back, after this very good weekend in Hamburg. Thank you for having correctly identified our expectations. The Love boat and Strip club tour ... great moments. and hotel was very very nice .. the rest PAINTBALL, BAR CRAWL, HAMBURG ALL NIGHTER and...

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