Hamburg Daytime Activities

Wide offer of stag do activities like Beerbike, Target Shooting, indoor Go Karting, Paintball & more provided by professional local German party organizer.

Rifle Shooting

Rifle and target shooting with a rifle caliber 5.6mm
Targets in shooting club in Hamburg

Do you want to experience excitement of the action movie?

Shooting club in Hamburg is the right choice for you! Pull the trigger and enrich your stag do with competition in rifle and target shooting. After shooting on targets during the day you can enjoy different shots in club all night.


Vehicle Vandalising

Spend your surplus energy on demolishing
How it looks when stag group takes care of the car
Hot rebellious girl prepared for destroying Hamburg cars
Vandalising of a car - activity you can experience only on your stag weekend

Is there somebody who has made you angry? Or you just feel the need for spending all your surplus energy?

Then it is the right time for destroying some outdated car - completely legal! Take the hammer and turn the poor vehicle into pieces. Moreover, you can ask your friends for help!


Hot Rod Tour

German mini Hot Rod
Drive your mini Hot Rod through Hamburg streets.
Hot Rod Tour is perfect stag activity for all men!
Enjoying Hot Rod Tour with stag friends

Are you interested in exploring the city during your stag weekend?

Let's do it in the most original way! Get rid of routine sightseeing. Get your own Hot Rod and grab everyone's attention while driving through the streets of Hamburg.


Paintball Indoor

Protect yourself on your paintball stag weekend
Protecting and hiding in indoor arena in Hamburg
Paintball shooting - activity for the real men
Outdoor paintball arena in Germany

Divide into teams and color up your stag with paintball action against your friends! Try to hit the groom and protect yourself against others.

Distinguish the brave members from the cowards and measure your targeting skills. Hamburg offers the perfect conditions to start your stag-day with paintball match and finish it with clubbing.


Go Karting

Compete with your stag mates who will be the first!
Cars and boys need special treatment
Be the first to the finish in Hamburg Go-Karting arena
Hot German girl loves racing

Don't slip in curves and try to overtake your friends! The fastest indoor track of Hamburg is here to add some speed and action to your stag trip.

Experience one of the most popular daytime activities and become a racing star as in Fast and Furious or Grand Prix. Afterwards there is a couple of drinks prepared at the bar.


Love Boat

Sexy girl chilling on yacht in Hamburg harbor
Enjoy the view on hamburg harbor from your yacht full of nice girls
Female captain is here to accompany you during your sailing
Hot girls dancing and enjoying time with stag group

Chilling on the board and enjoying the view on Hamburg from the water-level - that's the idea of perfect relax!

Now you can spend your time on boat even better, with hot lady whose only mission is to entertain you. Let her be your captain and she shows you what to do on boat to make your sail more pleasant.


Brewery Tour

Beer tasting is a matter of course!
Explore the local brewery in Hamburg
You will learn interesting facts about your favourite drink!
Taste beer from the real German brewery

Attention all beer lovers! Hamburg is offering your dream tour! Professionally guided visit of the local microbrewery is daytime activity for everyone keen of this popular so-called liquid bread.

What can't be missed on the real brewery tour? Naturally, free beers for everyone! Do you think it can't be better? Then add some German snack and enjoy the heaven in your mouth!


Sightbeering Tour

Drinking with friends in local Hamburg pub
Exploring streets or visiting pubs? It will be your choice!
Beer drinking - the best activity for men!
Beer already prepared for your stag group

Combine walking through the city, a little bit of history and culture and a couple of beers and you get amazing Hamburg Sightbeering tour. Actually, what else should you expect from the country popular for its beer?

Our guide takes you to the local pubs and shows you monuments of Hamburg you will be interested in. In case you don't want to walk the city, you can book this tour as a daytime pub crawl and we will skip the sightseeing.


Stripper Limousine

Enjoy these hot figures while being driven through the streets of Hamburg
This luxury limo can pick you up from the airport and drive you to the cente
Sexy girls are here to please your stag weekend from its early beginning
Make yourself comfortable in sumptuous limo with strippers

Being picked up by taxi is not the style of real stag mates.

Let us drive you from the airport or the city center in luxury limo with a hot stripper prepared for pampering you during your journey.

No map of Hamburg needed, first the strip-dancer will make you lost in the sexy curves of her body, just to help you find the way out!


Maid Wake Up Striptease

This hot girl can wake up the groom and spicy up his morning
Sexy maid ready in bed

Are you all day looking forward to a great party night? Why not to start from the early morning!

Let a sexy maid enter stag's room and enjoy her hot cleaning practices! Most of all she likes performing her duties completely naked. Don't miss this special room service and spicy up your day from morning!


Stag Dinner

She will take care of you while eating
Enjoy delicious steak and the tastiest dessert afterwards

Enjoy a delicious German steak in company of a sexy stripper!

Beer for everybody is the must of a traditional German dinner (we also offer steak dinner option)! But meal won't be your only enjoyment. We are sure there doesn't exist any better dessert than a hot naked girl dancing in front of your dining table.


Boat Cruise

Enjoy beautiful view on Hamburg harbor
Explore one of the most famous city in Germany
Hamburg offers great opportunity for spending your stag day on boat
Sightseeing Hamburg from the board is the best relax after busy stag night

Does the groom beg you for some rest after the roaring night? Let’s spend sunny afternoon on a boat tour around the city! Don’t worry –bar with drinks is guaranteed.

Relax on sunny board with cold beer in your hands, enjoy the view on the city and recharge your batteries for incoming night.


Beer Bike

Have fun with beers on wheels and get to know monuments of Hamburg
Stag group enjoying beer biking in Hamburg
German girls know what real man needs
Sightseeing has never been better!

Sightseeing has never been more attractive! Combine sport with pleasure activity and cycle around Hamburg on your own beer bar on wheels!

Place the groom on the most visible place while you will be enjoying the view on surroundings of Hamburg and the local girls with cold beer in hand. Cheers!


U-Boat Inspection

Visit famous U-Boat in Hamburg harbour

90 metres long, 9 metres wide and just under 15 metres high! Visit a Russian military U-Boat built in 1976.


Football Stadium Tour

Entry and explore the most known Hamburg stadium

Visit the football stadium in Hamburg and see what is normally not accessible to the public!


Football Tickets

Cheering fans of Hamburg football stadium

Real manly stag do in Hamburg can't miss a typical German football match!

Organize your stag mates and all together enjoy the atmosphere of German football stadium. Drinking beers and cheering with crowd is daytime activity suitable for mainly man stag group.


5-a-side Football

Enjoy original football match with your stag company in Hamburg
Hamburg is also prepared for those who enjoy sport
Play with your stag friends and show who is better

Let's enjoy football match from the other side: You don't have to be just a fan, become a real player!

Pack your cleats and run on the pitch to enjoy 90 minutes of soccer with your friends. Doing sport keeps you up and positive all day long!



Stag girl attracted in playing bowling
Have a good time in one of Hamburg bowling clubs
Brighten up your stag weekend with popular daytime activity

Visit the venue with snooker tables, darts and popular tenpin bowling. Spend amusing afternoon in a little bit old school style.

Rent the shoes and challenge your friends to roll the ball!


German Meal & Beers

Don't miss traditional German meals during your stag weekend in Hamburg
German girls can't say no to boys and beer
German goody served in the local Hamburg restaurant
German beer is the necessary addition to your stag stay in Hamburg

Roasted pork, Schnitzel or baked sausages - taste anything your heart is set on! Make your stay in Hamburg authentically German by filling your day with traditional meals and beer. In case you change your taste there are prepared desserts and salads as well.

There is no need to be aware of your weight - dancing in the night club will solve it!


Steak Meal & Beers

Beer is a must of traditional German steak dinner

Start your stag night with large portion of steak with fries and a couple of cold beers.


Brazilian Meat Fest

Extra meat dinner
Enjoy Brazilian dinner in company of well-known Brazilian dancers
Tasty and delicious grilled meat
This is how meat is served in traditional Brazilian restaurant

Pork, chicken, turkey hen, beef and lamb - course after course all served from huge spits directly at your table.


Beerhall Meal & Beers

You will have problems deciding what to taste first
Great meat dinner for your stag mates
Try delicious baked and grilled meat
Have a good time in Hamburg steak house

Pork knuckle, roasted pork, sausages, chicken or vegetarian - enjoy your favourite dish and be served by traditionally dressed waitresses!


Airport transfers

We will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your hotel

Public transport is neither comfortable nor reliable. Let us pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel.


Public Transport Day-Ticket

Comfortable public transport in Hamburg

Do you feel too tired after hanging up all night? We are not surprised! Save up your energy for incoming night and enjoy ride through the city with all-day ticket on public transport.


Paintball Outdoor

Spacious outdoor paintball arena in Hamburg
Stag buddies shooting down the rivals!
Experience amazing action at paintball arena in Hamburg
The paintball pitch is full of shelters and covers

Team up and hold the position! This is everything but a friendly match!

Experience hours of thrilling adventure at outdoor paintball arena in Hamburg! The paintball pitch is full of shelters and hiding places to take cover of your team while destroying the other.

Let's make the losers to pay all drinks in the bar!


Dirty Harry Shooting

Modern shooting range near Hamburg
Try out famous Revolver!
Stag guys measure their shooting skills
Pistol .22

Devote your afternoon in Hamburg to a very masculine activity. Visit the local shooting range and get a new experience with weapons!

Try out famous Pistol .22 and Revolver.357 Magnum. Compare your shooting skills with your stag buddies!


High Ropes Park

You will feel the adrenaline rush in your blood
There are different difficulty levels
Groom is testing his balance skills
Spend amazing afternoon in High Ropes Park in Hamburg

If you are afraid of heights, you better skip this activity. But if you have a nuts, go for it!

Spend an amazing afternoon in High Ropes Park near Hamburg. The park consists of tracks of different difficulty levels so everybody finds something to love.

Test your climbing and balance skills and enjoy an adrenaline action with your stag buddies.


Pools & Sauna

Pool and sauna world
Hot sauna makes you relaxed
Cool down your body
Enjoy wellness in Hamburg

Get a well-deserved rest in a wellness centrum in Hamburg. Enjoy lazy afternoon swimming in a pool and sweating out the residual alcohol.

Charge your batteries for another wild night!


Waterski Wakeboard

Enjoy active afternoon in Hamburg
Try waterskiing and wakeboarding on your stag do in Hamburg
Stag waterskiing
Wakeboarding in Hamburg

Cool down your head after all-night drinking.

The best cure for a hangover is a bucket of cold water. What about a whole sea?

Enjoy hot afternoon on the water with perfect and adrenaline waterskiing and wakeboarding. Test your skills and compare them with your stag buddies.

Active afternoon perfectly charges your energy for upcoming night!

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Hello, I wanted to share with you our appreciation for our weekend organised by you in Hamburg. The hotel was great! The restaurant was cozy, the stripper very professional. People in all clubs were friendly but bartenders were sometimes rude. Thank you...
Very good organisation, despite of our late partners we were greeted with a smile. Very good weekend, we'll remember a long time. Chester, January 2017
We're back, after this very good weekend in Hamburg. Thank you for having correctly identified our expectations. The Love boat and Strip club tour ... great moments. and hotel was very very nice .. the rest PAINTBALL, BAR CRAWL, HAMBURG ALL NIGHTER and...

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